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Queer Irish To Watch Out For In 2018

Many talented Irish queers are making waves across the land.

Caitlyn Jenner on Laylah Beattie. “She looks fabulous.”

Caitlyn Jenner discussing Laylah Beattie.

My Date With a Gay Guy.

My date with a boy who turned out to be gay.

Representations of Transgender People That I Experienced Growing Up.

With Caitlyn putting the spotlight on transgender issues, it meant that there were a lot more narratives to hear about being transgender. Which really was a blessing, because up until then, the representation (as far as I could see it) was really less than stellar.


Praise as David tells transgender story to Tubridy

There has been widespread praise for North Wexford teenager David Beattie who shared his transgender story with Ryan Tubridy on The Late Late Show last Friday night.

David Beattie on sharing his story.

David Beattie on why he wants to share his story.

David Beattie on realising his true self.

David Beattie on how watching a documentary helped him realise his true self.

Irish Trans Teen-Video

My name is David Beattie, I’m eighteen, I live in Dublin and I’m transgender.


What is Heteronormativity?

The term heteronormative is heard more and more in modern society, but what does it actually mean?