My Generation.

Now that I’ve made my ebook “Who Cares? Life for an Irish Transgender Teen” free to the public (you can download the full thing here), I’ve decided to publish the chapters here on my website. Below is a chapter from this book which was published in April 2016.

I’ve been born into an odd generation. We’re all familiar with the technological advances and the social networking and blah blah blah. I feel like this chapter is going to make an awful lot of older people roll their eyes. I don’t care. I love my generation. I love them. I think they’re wonderful and I think they get an unjust, cruel treatment. When I was younger I played outside and did all of that stuff. I had fun with my friends and played lots of imaginary games. I watched a lot of TV and I played computer games too. When I was in primary school I joined Facebook along with a lot of my peers. I went on to join Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and Tumblr. My favourite is Snapchat. I’m a weirdo who loves to post what they’re doing and see what everyone else is doing too.

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