Nice Things That Have Happened to me Recently.

I’m an awful moan aren’t I? Recently I’ve noticed that my writing has become a bit more serious, and that’s been a very necessary thing. I’m becoming more and more honest about negative experiences and that’s probably been very beneficial for certain people. But let’s take a little break from that so I can share some of the positive experiences I’ve had in recent times.

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Going Backwards.

There is a phrase that I absolutely despise for many reasons. It’s all to do with people being unnecessarily hard on themselves (something that annoys me to no end). I hate when people say that they’ve gone backwards when it comes to their personal progress.

What a toxic mind-set it is to believe that we can go backwards.  Because there is no backwards in life. And that’s an undeniable fact.

It’s true that sometimes we can get worse or our progress can be hindered, but I really don’t believe that we should label that as going backwards.

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Time Out.

I wake up early and get dressed. The clothes that I wear aren’t especially flamboyant. I wrap myself in a scarf, grab my keys and leave. I do not bring my earphones, a book or my notebook. I don’t even have a bag with me. Just my keys, my bus card, a bit of money and my phone.

I sit on the bus and stare out of the window. I don’t look at the people around me. I don’t even notice them. My head is full. Full of opinions, negativity and other crap. Stepping off the bus, I don’t even stop to get a coffee or a hot chocolate. Instead I hop straight onto another one.

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