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It’s Fun to Be a Fetish

I’m so sick of being treated like a desperate, sex-crazy, kinky porn-star that these men are obviously using to get themselves off.

I Was Sexualised Before I Hit Puberty

Watch more of my videos here.


Women Who Inspire : Laylah Beattie, Writer, Model & Activist.

I catch up with this inspirational lady to see what makes her tick.

My Thoughts on Children

A question I’ve often been asked.

Spaces I’m Unwelcome in

I have a certain job to do when I’m made feel unwelcome.

A Letter to my Future Self.

I am not going to be so naïve as to wish that you have lived a sheltered life untouched by sadness and pain.


I was on First Dates!

My bedroom eyes came to RTE, I was interviewed by Alison Spittle, my best friend came on my YouTube channel and I’ve been writing about my nervous breakdown.

I Had Sex For Revenge

I had sex for reasons that I’m not very proud of.


David and Kyle. First Dates Ireland.

Watch my appearance on First Dates Ireland.


RTÉ 2Fm: The Nicky Byrne Show. Kyle and Laylah.

Chatting to Nicky Byrne and Jenny Greene about my experience on First Dates Ireland.

FM104 Guilt Trip With Laylah

I have to answer questions about my dating habits with guilty or not guilty.


Model Breaks Boundaries as She Appears as First Transgender Love Seeker on First Dates Ireland.

Wexford model Laylah — who was born a male called David — began the ­transition process two years ago and ­officially changed her name last September.