One More Week in the Life. (Part 1).

Monday. I get up early to edit episode two of “Tangerine Dreams.” After working on it for about an hour, I schedule it to go up on Wednesday. I then leave to go to college dressed in a nice outfit. After attending lectures, my friends and I get ready in one of the college bathrooms. We then walk down to a Mexican restaurant. We sit in a booth eating delicious food, drinking prosecco and chatting to one another. There’s also a lot of shameless picture taking. I’m honoured to be surrounded by all of my friends and I immensely enjoy their company. It’s so nice that everyone has made the effort to attend my birthday dinner. The restaurant then turns into a sort of nightclub with a lot of dancing and drinking and loud music. After a few hours, we all pile into a taxi and set off to travel to my apartment. My friends order a Chinese takeaway while I head straight for my bed.

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