Family-Interaction Two.

Introspection is a series in which my current nineteen-year-old self has imaginary interactions with my fifteen-year-old self. For more information, click here.

I stop at the foot of the long winding driveway and stare at the large yellow house. I don’t get to come here nearly as often as I’d like to and that’s a huge pity. But that’s one of the sacrifices I’ve had to make in order to live in Dublin full time. The multitude of animals that usually greet me are nowhere to be seen. I don’t think there’s anyone here except who I’ve come to see.

When he answers the door, he’s fully dressed. I’m somewhat surprised. Usually when he’s lounging around the house he’s doing so in his pyjamas and fluffy dressing gown. But it then occurs to me that he’s now 15, meaning his brand new social life has begun. He’s probably on the way out to see his friends, in fact I’m probably keeping him from doing so.

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