A Night Out From Hell (Part Two).

Read part one here.

Finally, I spotted my friends getting into the club ahead of me and I knew that they’d immediately be running for the bathroom. I wasn’t mad. I didn’t expect them to plait their legs and wait for me to finally join the queue 🙂 where I could pay the entry fee.

A note on entry fees: They’re stupid and I do my very best not to ever pay them. Sometimes I even succeed.

When I paid the entry fee 🙂 and got into the club, the hunt began to find my friends, but first I had to pee. I navigated my way to the bathrooms down in the basement 🙂 of the club and was confronted with a queue that I swear was almost the size of the one I’d just left :). I summoned all my strength to both hold my bladder and to not scream into the massive crowd in front of me and I’m proud to say that I succeeded.

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A Night Out From Hell (Part One).

After my last college exam, I went for drinks with two of my friends. We discussed how much we were going to miss each other over the Summer months (as is standard at end of year drinks) and we tried to make a pact to meet up every two weeks.

As I’m sure you know and I’m sure you’ve been thinking, these kind of pacts very rarely work, but does this mean that you shouldn’t make them? We acknowledged that it would be tough, but we each expressed a desire to meet up and held our glasses up to toast a Summer of actually seeing one another.

That is how, a week later, I ended up going on a night out with my two friends, something that I was happy to do.

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A Week in the Life (Part 2).

Read part 1 here.

Thursday. My friends and I awake earlyish. There is an extremely inconvenient bus strike on, which means that we have to get a taxi into town. We order one after eating some leftover nachos (Because we’re classy). After doing four hours of French lectures, I get the train out to the hospital. I read my Granny excerpts from my book, which is devoted to her. She seems touched at the chapter that I have written about her. I am so grateful to be able to show it to her after she almost died just three weeks before. I leave a proof copy in her room with her. That night, I stay over in my Gran’s house alone. This doesn’t really bother me, although it does feel a little weird being there without her.

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Lessons I’ve Learned Since Starting College.

In some ways, college is exactly how I expected it to be. In others it is not. I’m definitely a different person to the one that I was when I started in September but I knew that would happen. I don’t really think it’s college that’s changed me so much, but more that I now live alone in the city. It’s been such an adventure and I’ve learned many things.

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