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Hating a Ghost

I slowly strangled the life out of him. Took all the happiness and strength from him. turned all his achievements into trauma. Which I had to do

Cynicism and Familial Relations.

I’m the last member of my family alive. I was the first to die.


This is Where I Am

But if anyone can get through this, it’s me. I’ve proven that to myself time and time again and as long as I can keep that unshakable faith in myself, I’ll be okay.


It’s Fun to Be a Fetish

I’m so sick of being treated like a desperate, sex-crazy, kinky porn-star that these men are obviously using to get themselves off.

I Was Sexualised Before I Hit Puberty

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Brendan O’Connor’s Cutting Edge.

Joining the panel this week for the final Brendan O’Connor’s Cutting Edge of the season is Dr Ciara Kelly, Diarmuid Gavin and Laylah Beattie.

Brendan O’Connor’s Cutting Edge Clips

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Am I a Victim or a Survivor?

Currently I’m in an odd stage. I can see some of my survivor tendencies returning to me, but I’m still quite aware of the things I’m a victim of.


I Need Your Help

It’s no longer enough for you to read about my struggles, sympathise and clothes a tab.


Women Who Inspire : Laylah Beattie, Writer, Model & Activist.

I catch up with this inspirational lady to see what makes her tick.

My Thoughts on Children

A question I’ve often been asked.

Spaces I’m Unwelcome in

I have a certain job to do when I’m made feel unwelcome.