For enquiries please contact me through any of these channels. Please send any business enquiries to

My Skills include:

Public Speaking.

I’m available to give talks on a range of different topics regarding mental health, harassment and life for an Irish transgender citizen. I have experience with public speaking and I’m very happy to address school students, businesses and any other interested parties.


I’m available to write articles on a range of different topics. I have a lot of experience writing about the rather unique experiences that I’ve had over the years. I have a portfolio available on request. To sell my books please click here.


I am open to any opportunities to review beauty products, books or anything else on my social media platforms, my blog or over on my YouTube channel. Get in touch for my shipping address.


Have an event or a charity function that you’d like me to attend and/or promote? I am very happy to share events with my Snapchat and Instagram followers.


I have experience interviewing people about a range of topics.


I’m a model with Fraser modelling agency but I’m also available for freelance work. I have experience with photography modelling, video shoots and on the catwalk.

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I am available to present or MC events, videos or anything else that you may need me for. Just get in touch!


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